Sampler Instrument



AP SLEIGH BELLS is a Kontakt based sample library that makes it easy to create great sounding sleigh bell parts for all your holiday music composition needs.

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Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later required.
(Not for use with Kontakt Player.)

KONTAKT™ is a registered trademark of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH.


  • Performance Instrument
  • Three sleigh bells – 4 bells, 25 bells and 36 bells.
  • Stereo and mono samples for each.
  • There is a shake and a drone for each.
  • Natural sounding shake via 22 round robin samples.
  • Individual volume, pan, reverb, tone and pitch for each sleigh bell instrument.
  • Pitch control applies to each related shake/drone pair.
  • Reverb control is a set convolution studio room impulse response (IR).
  • Tone control is a low pass/high cut filter.
  • Text display for currently played shake.
  • Text display for currently played drone.
  • Signal indicator for each mixer channel.



A sleigh bell sound consists of 2 elements: a shake and a drone. Due to the nature of the pellets inside each bell, there is usually a certain amount of a ringing bell drone sound when playing, and even just holding, a sleigh bell instrument. So the drone sample provides that ringing bell din. There is a separate volume control for the shake and drone sounds, to obtain the proper balance between the two. The drone is held down and the shake is rhythmically played along with it. The two samples together create a very realistic sleigh bell instrument sound.

The mixer offers extensive control of each sleigh bell shake/drone pair, including volume, pan, reverb, tone and pitch. and drone in any pair.
The pitch control is applied to both the shake.

The tone control is strictly a low pass/ high cut filter, to take some of the edge off the treble frequencies if needed. Turned fully clockwise is no filtering.

The first three pairs are mono 4 bells, 25 bells and 36 bells. The last three pairs are stereo of the same.

The shake/drone pairs are evident via red and green color coding. The first two (red) keys are a shake/drone pair, the next two (green) keys are a shake/ drone pair, etc. The shake key is the first of any pair and the drone is the second of any pair.

It is easy to use and play. Just hold the drone and play the related shake to the appropriate rhythmic division. The combination of the two separate samples played together makes for a very realistic sleigh bell sound. Adjust the various levels and controls as needed.