The marriage of music and moving pictures dates back to the silent film area, when a player and a pipe organ provided the auditory emotional impact. That pairing has long endured as one the most powerful ways to move an audience.

The music makers at Audio Perception Music are here to create the perfect score, custom song or original music to elevate the emotional impact of your film, commercial, video or online project. Our creative team specializes in writing, composing and scoring with a wide variety of real instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric bass guitars, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, banjitar, pedal steel guitar, accordion, pump organ, toy pianos, and various percussion instruments including shakers, tambourines, bongos, snare drums and more. We also have several talented vocalists and songwriters on our creative team that can write the perfect custom original song, including lyrics. With our many years of audio engineering, mixing, and mastering experience, Audio Perception Music will deliver the absolute highest quality composition for your project.


Commercials – Television, Radio and Internet
Sanderson Farms: Holiday Promo Video 2019
Little Monsters: Official Trailer
Dell: Online Commercial
Chex Mix: Boring Popcorn Decoy Bucket 
Ebates: Amazing Concept 
Ebates: I Love Ebates! 
Ebates: Holiday Testimonials 
Ikea: Meet The Food Families 
Purina Beneful: The Wrestler 
Purina Beneful: Dinner for Two 
Purina Beneful: Yes, I Want to Eat!
Purina Beneful: La Cena de Hoy 
Purina Beneful: Cena para Dos 
Hilton Hotels: Various Radio Spots
Capital One: What’s in your wallet? – Vikings
Travelocity: You’ll Never Roam Alone
Southwest Medical: Online/YouTube
Philips Lifeline: Online/YouTube

Bell Witch: 2005 – Co-composing credits
Cold Ones: Song “The Awful Truth” (Parallel Motion Music)
Ski School II: Song “Ski Bum” (Jason Atkinson/John Kekar)

Television Series Episodes
My Pet and Me: Ivy the Rabbit “Sunny Bunny” (BMG)
Chelsea: S2-E5 Answer Me This “Huckleberry Hollow” (BYND)
MTV Undressed: Song “She’s All That”
MTV Undressed: Song “House Of Cards”
MTV Undressed: Song “Brother Sun – Sister Moon”
MTV Undressed: Song “A Small Known Fact”
Parental Control: MTV – King
Sticker Shock: Discovery – Camaro Corvette Keller
Sticker Shock: Discovery – Suicide Doors and Drop Top Wars
Sticker Shock: Discovery – Hold Me Closer Tiny Lancer
Nova Wonders: PBS – Can We Build A Brain
Treehouse Masters: Animal Planet – Hawaiian Island Treehouse Adventure
Amanda To The Rescue: Animal Planet – Home Sweet Home
Amanda To The Rescue: Animal Planet – Life’s A Dog Beach
Amanda To The Rescue: Animal Planet – Mainland Heartthrob
Amanda To The Rescue: Animal Planet – Mission To Puerto Rico
Mama Medium: TLC – Faded Memories
Return To Amish: TLC – Leaving Everything Behind
CBS College Sports – Defying The Odds: A&E – The 2018 Honda Inspiration
Mounted In Alaska: History – Later Alligator – Huckleberry Hollow
So You Think You Can Dance: Fox – Silly Rabbit
Born This Way Presents – Deaf Out Loud: A&E
90210: CW EP40, Clark Raving Mad – Huckleberry Hollow


Little Monsters



Capital One

Purina Beneful

Sanderson Farms

Southwest Medical

Philips Lifeline