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AP FINGER SNAPS is a Kontakt based, finger snap sample library.

With the AP FINGER SNAPS sample instrument, you’ll be able to easily add quality, natural, human-sounding finger snap parts with minimal effort and great results. Plus, you’ll have a wide variety of finger snap groupings to fit a broad range of musical moods and styles.

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Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later required.
(Not for use with Kontakt Player.)

KONTAKT™ is a registered trademark of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH.


  • The library includes a variety of 10 finger snap groupings.
  • From a single snap, to a large group of snaps.
  • Many tonal possibilities when played in different combinations.
  • Very natural and human sounding.
  • Featuring “Round-Robin” sample switching for a natural feel.
  • 8 different samples of “Round-Robin” switching on each key.
  • No “machine gun” effect, even when playing rapid notes.
  • GUI controls for per key finger snap volume.
  • GUI controls for per key finger snap pan.
  • GUI controls for per key finger snap pitch.
  • GUI controls for global reverb settings.
  • GUI controls for global distortion settings.
  • GUI controls for global one band parametric eq.
  • GUI controls for global limiter.
  • GUI activity indicator per key.
  • GUI character display of key/sound currently played.



AP Finger Snaps is a Kontakt based sample library with a good variety of 10 finger snaps, consisting of varying quantities of snaps per key. Feel free to combine or mix and match as you see fit. Each key has a total of 8 layered finger snap samples that are setup for Round-Robin sample switching. Every time you press a key, the next finger snap sample is triggered, and so on back to the first finger snap sample, and then the process repeats. This is beneficial in that you’ll get a natural finger snap track that sounds human by cycling through the 8 samples. Round-Robin avoids the “machine gun” sound of repeatedly playing the same sample over and over, even with a quick repetition.

Why a finger snap library? After composing a fair amount of music library tracks and recording finger snaps, shakers or tambourines on most, we decided to create a “tool kit” of basic percussion instruments that provide the naturalness and human feel we’d get as if we had recorded the real parts. This way, we can keep the parts as MIDI to allow for easier editing and tempo changes as needed.