Performance Instrument

The Sample Instrument You Perform Like the Real Instrument!



With the AP TAMBOURINES Performance Instrument, you’ll be able to easily add quality, natural, human-sounding tambourine parts with minimal effort and great results. Plus, you’ll have a wide variety of tambourine tonalities to fit a broad range of musical moods and styles.

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Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later required.
(Not for use with Kontakt Player.)

KONTAKT™ is a registered trademark of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH.


  • Performance Instrument
  • A shake to the left is triggered when a key is pressed.
  • A shake to the right is triggered when the key is released.
  • Higher velocities, above 91, are an accented left shake (key press).
  • Includes a total of 5 different tambourine instruments/tonalities.
  • Samples are based on recorded tambourine performances.
  • Very human sounding, even with MIDI note quantization.
  • Useable tempos to upwards of 200 BPM when using 16th notes.
  • Each tambourine instrument is mapped to a single, specific key.
  • Large number of sample velocity layers. 
  • Key switching provides 3 different performance types.
  • Which include shake, hit and rattle.
  • C2 = side-to-side shaking via key press and release.
  • D2 = 16 round robin tambourine hits.
  • E2 = looped and sustained rattle with key release ending. 
  • GUI controls for mono volume, pan and mute.
  • GUI controls for stereo volume, pan and mute.
  • GUI controls for pitch control of each tambourine.
  • GUI controls for mono shake, hit and rattle levels.
  • GUI controls for stereo shake, hit and rattle levels.
  • GUI controls for global reverb settings.
  • GUI controls for global distortion settings.
  • GUI controls for global one band parametric EQ settings.
  • GUI controls for global limiter settings.
  • GUI MIDI activity indicator per instrument/key.
  • GUI character display of key/sound currently played.
  • GUI character display of key switch currently selected.



AP Tambourines is a Kontakt based sample library with five different tambourine instruments/tonalities. These are not loops. Each tambourine instrument within the patch is based on an actual performance, carefully edited for easy programmability and playability at a wide range of tempos. At 16th notes, you’ll have useable tempos up to the 200BPM range. Since these are not loops, there is no time compression or expansion involved, which leaves the sound quality unaffected over the wide range of useable tempos.

Each tambourine was sampled with a stereo pair of microphones and a mono center microphone. Included is a scripted mixer with extensive individual controls for the stereo and mono levels as well as panning, pitch and global effects.

There are three key switch performance types: C2 is the side-to-side shake, D2 is a single hit and E2 is the sustained, looped rattle with an ending on the key release.
Also, instead of triggering a sample via a key press only, key switch C2 is set up to trigger a sample on the key press, as well as on the key release. A key press is a shake to the left and a key release is a shake to the right. This makes for a more realistic way of playing/performing the tambourine parts, and makes it easier to play or record 16th notes at faster tempos.

Why a tambourine sample library? We compose a lot of music library material, and tambourines are a common percussion element used to add drive and momentum to a track. We wanted to create a very playable, human-sounding tambourine performance sample library instrument that is both easy and quick to program, with a good variety of tonalities. The individual volume, pan, and pitch controls enable you to get just the right mix between the three key switching instrument performance types, or balance and spread when combining multiple tambourines into one part.