Sampler Instrument



AP HANDCLAPS is a Kontakt based sample library that makes it easy to create great, human sounding handclap parts for your tracks and composition work.

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Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later required.
(Not for use with Kontakt Player.)

KONTAKT™ is a registered trademark of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS GmbH.


  • Performance Instrument
  • Nothing but human hands clapping!
  • 8 round robin samples per clap type for a natural sound.
  • Groupings of 1, 4, 8, 16 and 32 hand claps.
  • 5 different types of claps, including:
  • Regular clap, cupped clap, finger to palm clap, finger clap and wrist clap.
  • Keyswitch selection for the 5 groupings.
  • Stereo and mono samples for each grouping.
  • Individual mix controls include: volume, pan, pitch and reverb for all
  • Also, individual volume control for all clap groupings.
  • Master EQ with hi, mid and low controls included.
  • Reverb is a set convolution studio room impulse response (IR)
  • Text display for currently played clap group keyswitch.
  • Text display for currently played clap sound.
  • Signal indicator for each mixer channel.



The AP Handclaps Kontakt instrument has a variety of 5 different handclaps, in both stereo and mono. Each clap sound has 8 round robin samples for a natural sound. The five different handclaps each have a unique tone, they include standard handclaps, cupped hand claps, finger to palm hand claps, finger claps and wrist claps (for a low frequency hit). In addition, there are groupings of handclaps, ranging from 1 clap up to 32 claps. Between the number of claps and the five different types of handclaps, you have the ability to create a unique handclap percussion part.

The handclaps are divided up into groups of 1, 4, 8, 16 and 32 claps. You choose the grouping via 5 keyswitches on C1 (1), D1 (4), E1 (8), F1 (16) and G1 (32). Depending on the chosen keyswitch group, all five clap sounds will play that grouping, on both the stereo and mono keys.

There are three key switch performance types: C2 is the side-to-side shake, D2 is a single hit and E2 is the sustained, looped rattle with an ending on the key release.
The mixer includes a variety of controls for mixing and shaping the sound. Controls include volume, pan, pitch, reverb and individual levels for each handclap grouping.

Each channel has a reverb send control to adjust the amount of reverb applied to individual clap groups. There is also a master reverb return control for quickly adjusting the overall reverb amount. In addition, there is a reverb return mute button.

The mixer also includes a 3 band eq on the main stereo mix for making any tonal changes to the overall sound.

It’s easy to play and perform a handclap part with this library. Just choose the desired group for any particular song, and then play and record any or all of the five handclap sounds in mono, stereo or even both. You can also use key switching to have the size of handclaps shrink and grow within the song. That’s it!!